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Here’s an example of someone I have worked with in the past, who for the sake of anonymity we will call Leslie (permission granted to share). 

Leslie, a young and vibrant 20 year old, came to me via word of mouth, to address the problem she was having with her left foot, in particular her big toe.  She told me that it was possible that she was looking at having to have an operation on her big toe.  She wanted to avoid taking the time out to have to go into hospital, aside from the fears associated with the operation itself. 

At that time I was living in Vancouver and as we sat in a brightly lit office,  I delved into more of her story.  She had been brought up by a single mother, who had established a dance school and Leslie was helping her with instruction.  She had her own classes and the school was busy, but Leslie herself was not happy.  She aspired to pursue a different career path, but did not want to disappoint her mother who she felt not only depended on her but had sacrificed so much whilst she was growing up. 

Not only that, she wanted to make contact with a father she had never known, who was a musician and lived in Chile. 

Through our hypnotherapy sessions we dealt with some of her limiting beliefs and built on her desired outcomes.  Leslie was able to have the conversation with her mother that she had been dreading.  At first her mother was disappointed, but that changed almost immediately into wanting to help her child become happier in her own life and supporting her in gaining education for the new career path Leslie wanted to pursue.

Leslie was also able to make contact with her father and was making plans to go to Chile for a short holiday by the end of our sessions.

The bonus, well the problem with her big toe went into spontaneous remission and she no longer needed the operation that had been scheduled.



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